Accents Inns – Temporary Lobby Renovation


In 2018, Accent Inns came to the Eclipse360 team with a challenge — “what can we do to make our lobby renovation the least disruptive as possible for our customers? The answer was simple, completely own it! Don’t try and pretend it isn’t happening, but instead, turn a negative into a positive and find a solution that is fun, engaging, and right on brand. The concept was to create a temporary lobby in another section of the hotel and develop the signage and environmental elements around, “Gone Camping”. From this playful idea came a complete transformation of the temporary lobby and surrounding area into a campsite complete with wild animals and campfires along with engaging, whimsical and brand-centric messaging. As a result, over the renovation process, the hotel itself experienced little to no disruption or negative feedback from customers. In fact, the innovative approach’ proved to be a hit via social media and acted as a successful brand building and promotional campaign.