About Us

We cultivate big ideas for one purpose only – results. Success is never a given, it’s earned. Only the best ideas have a chance in today’s crowded landscape. Shine brighter with eclipse360.


Eclipse360 is a Victoria-based agency with a 20-year history of producing award-winning creative solutions to its clients. Our talented team is experienced in providing a wide range of strategic and communications solutions across a variety of mediums. We have a wealth of experience developing brands and producing innovative brand strategies, communication plans and digital marketing platforms across a diverse selection of industries for both local and international markets.

We know how to reach target audiences in a manner that triggers engagement and action. We have built our business based on our ability to work collaboratively with our clients and to supply concept-driven results. We’re a little “different” than other agencies you may have come across.


If we’re lucky enough to work with you, you’ll find us completely invested. We’d love for you to think of us as an extension of your own team. We’d like to earn our place as one of your trusted communications advisors. At the end of the day, we measure our success based on your success.

Women. They’re all around us. We’re so proud to have these strong women working together at Eclipse360. These women come in every day, manage our projects, have team singalongs, sushi lunches, and change our clients' lives. 

We are so happy to have this group of women on our side, everyday hustling. Happy International Women’s Day! #internationalwomensday #yyj #yyjbusiness #agencylife

🚪🌲🛶 The Eclipse team recently partnered with @cityoflangford and @riptidestudios on the Places Unknown Campaign. Highlighting all the incredible activities and adventures Langford has to offer, the Places Unknown Campaign followed a series of doors placed throughout the community (real doors!). Find yourself canoeing across serene lakes, biking on exhilarating trails, exploring ancient paths, and shopping and dining at a variety of locally owned shops and restaurants. Which door will you open? Check out the stunning imagery and website here: https://langford.ca/visitors/places-unknown/ #langford #adagency #placesunknown

🌎❤️ Thank you to our awesome clients at VertiGIS  for their kind words. We love receiving feedback to ensure we’re constantly improving our craft and keeping our fingers on the pulse. If you'd like to know how we can bring your marketing vision to life, connect with us at hello@eclipse3sixty.com to learn more.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Eclipse! We hope you have a lovely love day ❤️