South Island Spirit Loop


Every once in a while, we have the pleasure of working on a project that is near and dear to our hearts. Right at the height of the pandemic, our friends at the City of Langford asked them to help them with a local tourism initiative to remind locals about the vast outdoor opportunities available to them.  As we started uncovering and exploring the region with its magical geography, its rich culture and warm and inviting inhabitants, we realized, this is something the province, nation and world needed to see. The result was a partnership between the City of Langford, Sooke, Port Renfrew and the Malahat region with the goal of sharing this magical region with the world. Why, Spirit Loop? The name speaks to a deeper connection to both the land and what that connection means to every individual. For the team at Eclipse360, we worked collaboratively with the client on building the brand and tone of voice for the regional before moving in on the logo and brand design elements of region and campaign. From there, collateral was expanded out in the form of a regional website with sections dedicated to each region, regional postcards as well as a spectacular short documentary video highlighting this beautiful area of Vancouver Island.