First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation

At Eclipse360, we’ve had the great honour of working with the First Peoples’ Cultural Foundation (FPCF) that was established to support the vitality of Indigenous languages, arts and cultural heritage in British Columbia. FPCF is a registered charity that provides grant funding to Indigenous organizations and communities. Through our previous website work with their partner organization, First Peoples Cultural Council (FPCC), this exciting and relevant website project had the main goal of raising awareness for the preservation of Indigenous Cultures for future generations, with a soft ask for donations. The photographic content of the site was provided by Indigenous photographers throughout B.C. and was combined by the Eclipse360 team with a clean and easy to navigate interface. The design itself needed to represent all Indigenous peoples throughout B.C., which was supported by the close collaboration with the client and Indigenous elders. Paying homage to the past and tradition, the design needed to reflect the Indigenous connection to the land and earth, which led to the use of dramatic landscapes along organic shapes and colour palettes. From an UX and accessibility standpoint, typography needed to be legible, but also carry a unique and contemporary feel that would appeal to a wider audience as well.

With a goal of telling the First Peoples’ stories to aid in the reconciliation, these donations will help contribute to healthy and thriving communities and to the resurgence of Indigenous cultural vitality, rights and diversity. The launch of this website has seen a significant increase in engagement and donations for the client. It’s been a true honour to be involved.