Digital Strategy

Do You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy?

To strategize or not to strategize.   When you need a digital strategy—and how to design it. We get it. Business is busy enough as is. Between SWOT analysis, marketing campaigns and financial reports, do you really need to add another to-do to your list? We’re here to set the record straight—and simplify that list.… Read more »

Eclipse360 This or That Campaign

How a Simple ‘This or That’ Resulted in Relevant, Customized Content

Using the Lure of Contesting and the Technology of Automated Marketing to Develop a Segmented Database Nanaimo, located on beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada provides visitor information year-round to residents of short-haul markets (British Columbia, Alberta, Washington State). Their marketing team aspires to tell the story of this urban and outdoor oasis, located… Read more »

7 Reasons Why You Need a Website

7 Reasons Why You Need a Website

What’s the value of a website? Here’s the thing: It’s the 21st century. We all know we need a website (if you don’t, you really need to keep reading), but we don’t all know why. Before you roll your eyes and click that back button, hear me out: “Because everyone’s online” isn’t an answer. Your… Read more »

Increasing return on investment

Increase your ROI with Digital Marketing

If you are questioning the return-on-investment (ROI) of your digital marketing, it might be time to revisit your digital strategy and channels. The digital landscape is constantly changing and you need to be meeting your customer’s needs at every stage of the path-to-purchase. A case can be made that there is no such thing as… Read more »