First West Credit Union

Second Opinion Campaign

Perhaps one of the most challenging areas for financial institutions is that of Wealth Management. While potentially the most lucrative, it is often difficult to persuade existing member that their investments could be better managed under the same roof as their day-to-day banking. For the First West brands, our goal was to create a campaign, targeting primarily at existing members, that would really get them thinking. Investing for the future is an important subject, but many have a, “set it and forget it” mentality. The strategy was not to flood members with why they should move their investments to First West, but rather offer a simple but profound question, “are your investments doing as well as they could?”. This simple question, combined with a free, no-obligation review (virtual) by a First West financial advisor was just what we needed to get members in to the door to see that, in fact, not could First West offer the same investment products, but they could also improve their future financial forecast.