Eclipse360 has had the pleasure of working with the Vertigis team for many years. Over that time, the company has become a leader in providing GIS solutions and has expanded to offices in Canada, US, Africa and Europe. In light of this global expansion of their business, our relationship had shown that we had the confidence, expertise and creative caliber to compete at any international level. The client’s goal was, “ …a complete brand overhaul of the site to create aesthetic harmony, consistency across pages and elevate the brand to the “billion dollar brand” level.”

The new, multi-language site was a complete rebrand and rebuild from the ground up with a fresh user experience that provided a dynamic way to display customer stories. While also being visually engaging, the site also speaks to the more practical, down to earth side of GIS, using geographic data to solve problems in the real world. The goal with imagery was to make connections in the natural world, connections between people and connections at work. Thanks to this incredible client and project team collaboration, this project remained on brief, on schedule and most importantly on budget.