Spinnakers Soda Co.

spinnakers sodas

Around Victoria, the Spinnakers brand has long been synonymous with high-quality beer. The plucky Victoria brewpub has not rested on its laurels though. It has adapted and expanded into new product lines, most recently creating sodas and mineral waters.

The Eclipse 360 team was tasked with designing the packaging for this new product line. We wanted to pay homage to the classic Spinnakers sail motif but also give it a fun, refreshing, and modern update. With retail, it is important not only to have a recognizable brand but also to visually stand out on the shelves. We accomplished both by creating a bold colour palette to easily distinguish the flavours and lineup and also by selecting colours you would commonly see on the spinnakers of modern racing sailboats.

Not only does the new packaging look great but it also tastes great so get out there and support this new local favourite.