Your Quest Begins Campaign

Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association - North Thompson Valley

Create a highly cost-effective and dynamic campaign to position North Thompson Valley as a desirable visitor corridor and increase visitation. Increase awareness of the 14 key experiences and drive traffic to the landing page, and through to the activity pages on To highlight the region’s unique geographical diversity, all contained within 330 km along the Yellowhead Highway, elevating it to a place of magic and wonder. The target audience of Cultural Explorers and Authentic Experiencers 35+ are not comfort seekers. They prefer to immerse themselves in the places they visit, charting their own course and searching out unique experiences. To captivate this traveller, we developed a campaign that focuses on all the epic regions and activities that can be discovered along the Yellowhead Highway – Your Quest Begins.

Tactics included: Landing Page, Facebook Display, Facebook Carousel, Google Search