Island Savings Credit Union – Waves of Kindness


Island Saving’s goal was to raise awareness and showcase the bank’s approachability and community-centred personality while promoting their competitive rates and products over a 3 month period.

With over 60 years serving the island, Island Savings understands the unique wants and needs of Islanders. Eclipse facilitated Brand Visioning Sessions to establish Island Savings’ new brand personality and visual identity that would be used in all ongoing marketing initiatives. The key to this successful campaign was to establish not just visuals, but also a unique tone of voice that was personable and approachable and spoke to customers in a way they could relate to. No bank speak. Like any brand, its reception by the public hinged heavily on its behaviour. To show it’s connection and commitment to the community, the “Waves of Kindness” were born. The ‘Waves of Kindness’ were both an invitation and a challenge to make positive change in the community through small acts of spontaneous kindness.

Radio, transit advertising, guerrilla, street teams, ambient, social media, web